Affirmation theory and instructions O Omnipresent Protector….In life and death, in disease, famine, pestilence, or poverty may I ever cling to Thee. Help me to realize I am immortal Spirit, untouched by the changes of childhood, youth, age, and world upheavals.
O Father, Thine unlimited and all healing power is in me. Manifest Thy light through the darkness of my ignorance. Wherever this healing light is present, there is perfection. Therefore, perfection is in me.
I demand my divine birthright, intuitively realizing that all wisdom and power already exist in my soul.
Beloved God, may I know that Thine unseen, all-protecting mantle is ever around me, in joy and in sorrow, in life and in death.
God is within and around me, protecting me; so I will banish the fear that shuts out His guiding light.
I know that God’s power is limitless; and as I am made in His image, I, too, have the strength to overcome all obstacles.
I possess the creative power of Spirit. The Infinite Intelligence will guide me and solve every problem.
I relax and cast aside all mental burdens, allowing God to express through me His perfect love, peace, and wisdom.

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