2015 Christmas Message From Sri Sri Mrinalini Mata

“I bow to all of you, to the Infinite Christ who is present within you. O Christ, give to us the ecstasy of your joy, that it may be with us every hour, every minute, of every day.”

Christmas 2015

A blessed Christmas to you from all of us in Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda’s ashrams. During this holy season permeated with the vibrations of Christ-love and joy, we pray that you feel through the receptivity of your heart’s devotion the transforming presence of the Christ Consciousness that was incarnate in the beloved Lord Jesus. In a world much influenced by the divisive forces of maya, how deeply our souls respond to the balm of peace, the unifying power of humility and love, that emanate from the lives of all who fully reflect God’s light. May the reality of that universal consciousness enfold you, giving you faith that you too can manifest the divine image that is within.

As we celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus, let us honour the ever-living Christ Consciousness he expressed by our renewed determination to absorb from the scripture of his divine life the qualities that will awaken that divine presence in ourselves. Take courage from his victory over all human limitations, and know that with every effort you make to reclaim your soul freedom from the dictates of the senses, the ego, and outer circumstances, you are rousing within you the liberating power of Christ Consciousness, gaining strength to rule your life by the laws of love and truth. It is a power that constantly urges us to enlarge the horizons of mind and heart. When we encounter people very different from ourselves, human nature tends to focus on the differences, and often to judge. But the all-inclusive love radiated by Jesus, Krishna, and all the great ones shows how unifying is the way of looking upon everyone as a child of the Divine. With the expanding of our understanding and empathy, we begin to see others as part of our greater Self — to make room in our lives for the healing power of forgiveness and to feel the true joy of serving, as Jesus did. This season of his birth brings heightened awareness of the sublime qualities he so perfectly manifested, kindling within us a greater compassion, generosity, and urge to reach out to others. In that spirit, even a simple kindness builds bridges between souls and can leave in the heart of another the imprint of God’s love.

Christlike actions can uplift and change our lives, but it is in the sacred temple of inner silence that we most directly experience the glory of the infinite Christ Consciousness (the Kutastha Chaitanya or Krishna Consciousness, as it is known in India’s sacred traditions). Even a momentary contact of this vast ocean of God’s presence behind the little wave of our life and being brings transforming awareness of the indescribable tenderness in which He shelters every soul. Our Guru has said: “God has so much love to give to His devotee that it will burst all boundaries of the heart. When that love of God fills one’s being, it embraces everyone in a universal consciousness of love, service, and compassion.” May that divine love be born in you as it was in Jesus, and live in you through your meditation-tuned consciousness.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Christmas filled with light and joy,

Sri Sri Mrinalini Mata

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