The Divine Gypsy

The Divine Gypsy

Instrumental renderings of some of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Cosmic Chants performed by his disciples




A journey into the spiritual dimensions of sound, this contemplative and uplifting music helps to relax and renew body, mind, and spirit. Instrumental arrangements, performed by disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda, of some of his Cosmic Chants.

Track Listing:

• Divine Gypsy

• I Will Be Thine Always

• Divine Mother’s Song To The Devotee (a traditional Bengali chant)

• Thousands Of Suns

• They Have Heard Thy Name (a traditional Bengali chant)

• I Am The Sky

• O God Beautiful (a chant by the fifteenth-century Sikh saint Guru Nanak)

Running time: 41 minutes

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