Yogoda Satsanga News 2017

December 25, 2017

New Dhyana Mandirs Dedicated at Hubli and Guntur

YSS devotees of Hubli (Karnataka) and Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) had a reason to be jubilant as their prayers found fruition in the form of new Dhyana Mandirs where devotees can gather and partake of the joy of seeking and serving God together. These Dhyana Mandirs are the result of the tireless and selfless efforts of many devotees who contributed in many ways to make this dream come true.

Hubli, Karnataka

The newly constructed Dhyana Mandir was dedicated on August 5, 2017. On this special occasion a two-day monastic tour was conducted by Swami Shraddhananda and Brahmachari Shreyananda during which the sacred Kriya Yoga initiation was bestowed upon 54 devotees. The programme also included reviews of the YSS techniques of meditation, and personal counselling. Around 200 devotees attended the event. All those who helped in the purchase and construction of the property were felicitated.

(Left) Swami Shraddhananda addresses the devotees. (Right) Façade of the new Dhyana Mandir.
The bus shelter named after Gurudeva opposite the Dhyana Mandir.

The property is spread across an area of 4,860 sq. ft. and includes a two-storied building which has a meditation hall on the first floor that can accommodate 150 devotees. It also has two separate rooms for monastics and a large hall that will be used for book sales. A unique landmark of the Dhyana Mandir is a bus shelter, just opposite the property, which is named “Paramahansa Yogananda Bus Shelter” with beloved Gurudeva’s pictures adorning it.

Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Swami Krishnananda addresses the devotees at the closing function.

The Dhyana Mandir was dedicated on August 23, 2017, by Swamis Krishnananda and Madhavananda. The programme began in the morning with more than 100 local and outstation devotees gathering in front of the well decorated Mandir chanting Gurudeva’s blessed name, followed by arati and meditation. Swami Madhavananda in his satsanga laid emphasis upon the importance of group meditation and urged the devotees to use the Dhyana Mandir for their spiritual advancement. With a floor area of 1100 sq. ft., the Dhyana Mandir has a meditation hall and an adjoining room that serves both as an office and a bookstore.

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