Jan-Mar 2020 Issue of Yogoda Satsanga Magazine Available in Free Digital Format

April 17, 2020

Paramahansa Yogananda playing Harmonium.

We are happy to announce that the Jan-Mar 2020 issue of Yogoda Satsanga magazine can now be read here for free in digital format.

We hope you enjoy the digital offering of this magazine.

A Special Note to Yogoda Satsanga Magazine Subscribers:

We are providing this digital version of the Jan-Mar 2020 issue because our printing and mailing operations have been suspended due to the lockdown in Jharkhand and other states in India. As soon as we can resume these operations, we will print and mail copies of the Jan-Mar 2020 issue to you, our subscribers.

About Yogoda Satsanga Magazine

The magazine presents a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern thought. Fascinating and informative articles provide insight and information on a wide range of subjects — finding balance in today’s complex world; the nature of life, death, and reincarnation; a spiritual perspective on world events; developing mind power; creating a personal relationship with God; and much more.

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