“Cultivating Spiritual Enthusiasm” by Swami Sattvananda Giri

October 8, 2020

SRF sannyasi Swami Sattvananda Giri explains that enthusiasm—the ability to motivate ourselves and feel joy in whatever we are doing—is not only important in every aspect of life, but especially in order to achieve our highest spiritual goal of communion with God. He shares Paramahansa Yogananda’s ideas on how to cultivate spiritual enthusiasm and understand the relationship between will power and maintaining enthusiasm in all our pursuits.

With a deep sense of understanding of the trials we all face as we strive to grow spiritually, Swami Sattvananda encourages us to be regular in our spiritual practices—and to keep reminding ourselves of the daily blessings that come from meditation—in order to infuse our lives with divine enthusiasm.

Cultivating Spiritual Enthusiasm
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