Christmas Message From Sri Sri Mrinalini Mata

December 9, 2016

Christmas 2016

At the holy season of Christmas, the whole world is blessed more tangibly with the radiant love and joy of the Infinite Christ that suffuses all creation. I pray it may illumine your life with renewed hope, and with faith in the potency of God’s goodness and love, which is ever exerting its uplifting, harmonizing influence upon receptive hearts. May our joyous celebration of the birth of Jesus, in whom the universal Christ Consciousness [Kutastha Chaitanya] was fully manifested, rouse in us all the realization that we too are born of God’s light, endowed with the capacity to reflect His limitless consciousness and power of love in this world.

The omnipotence of that divine consciousness is apparent in the lives of all the Great Ones whom God sends to lead His children back to Him. But they also express His gentleness, His compassion and infinitely loving care for every soul. Jesus used his power to help rather than dominate others; to humbly serve those in physical or spiritual need instead of seeking to be served. The universal message of his life is that God is love, and that the very essence of Christ Consciousness is love. His birth as one of us was truly a divine gift to all humanity — showing us the way of humility, selflessness, and unconditional love that leads to eternal fulfillment of our souls’ glorious divine potential. To cultivate those Christlike qualities, and thus to enlarge the horizons of our minds and hearts, is a gift we can give him in return; and thereby participate on a deeper level in the spiritual celebration of his birth. “Christ is born in the cradle of tenderness,” Guruji reminded us. “Greater than the destructive force of hate is the compassionate power of love. Whatever you say or do to others, let it be with love. Harm no one. Judge no other. Hate none, love all; behold Christ in all. Whatever blessings you have, desire that all should have.” Each soul who practices these principles knows fulfillment of the promise angelically proclaimed at the first Christmas: peace and goodwill in his or her own life, to be shared with all the world.

To experience fully the boundless Christ-love in which Jesus lived, we need to drink from the wellspring of fulfillment that sustained him. Take time this Christmas to go deep into the sacred silence within, to seek in meditation and inner communion the fountain of divine love and joy that flows eternally from the One who is the Source of your being. As its healing waters wash away the barriers of separateness, you will make room to receive the Infinite Christ into your expanding consciousness. May the grace and blessings of that divine glory pour into your heart this Christmas and overflow in the desire to share your joy with others as part of your limitless Self.

Wishing you and your dear ones a Christmas filled with God’s light and love.

Sri Sri Mrinalini Mata

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