Guru Purnima – 2016

June 17, 2016

A special message from our revered Sanghamataji for Guru Purnima falling this year on July 19th

Dear Ones,

On this auspicious day of Guru Purnima, we join many other souls in India and around the world in the beautiful tradition of honouring the guru, through whom the Divine responds to our soul’s yearning to know Him. Let this be a time to relive again the joy we felt in finding our own beloved Gurudeva and his teachings, and to realize anew the magnitude of that blessing. I pray that as you dwell on the many ways his love and divine wisdom have changed your lives, you feel an increased resolve to persevere on the path he has shown.

Gurudeva has given to us so much of his spiritual bounty: the liberating science of Kriya Yoga, principles of right living that bring attunement with God, and the inspiration of his own victorious life. But there is also a vital personal element in our relationship with the guru, expressed in Guruji’s first meeting with his own Gurudeva when Sri Yukteswar said to him: “I give you my unconditional love. Will you give me the same unconditional love?” and Guruji replied: “I will love you eternally, Gurudeva.” In their mutual exchange is encompassed the very essence of the guru-disciple relationship. You have made the same spiritual pact with your guru; and that bond of mutual trust and loyalty, daily renewed in your heart and mind, will keep you ever close to him. When life seems difficult, or spiritual progress slow, remember his reassuring words,

“I shall ever be with you,” and you will gain strength and confidence that with his help you can overcome both inner and outer obstacles. He watches over you, and will continue to guide you with infinite patience until you too are free of every taint of maya. Nothing can balk you when you hold firmly to the reality of his boundless love.

Our relationship with the guru grows ever deeper when we not only receive, but also give to him our unconditional love. Each day brings opportunities to express in action our devotion and gratitude — to find joy in doing our best for him. The greatest way we can honour our Guru is to apply faithfully what he taught, without impatience for results. In your meditations, make your practice of the techniques a gift of devotion. In daily life offer to him your steady efforts to improve. And at those times when your unconditional love for the guru is tested by circumstances, or by his seeming silence when you have prayed for removal of some difficulty, know that even then he is with you, seeking to lift you to new levels of attunement, inner strength, and understanding. When you trust and surrender to his greater wisdom, you will feel your consciousness changing as his will becomes your will, his wisdom your understanding, and his love your love. Your heart will open to his transforming touch, and you will find the fetters of maya falling away until you ultimately know the blessed unity with God through guru that Gurudeva experienced with Sri Yukteswarji. Then will your soul echo his words: “Dissolving forever our finitude, together we shall merge in the Infinite Life.” By your continuous efforts and his grace, may that supreme blessing be yours.

In Gurudeva’s love and unceasing blessings,

Sri Sri Mrinalini Mata

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